Success, happiness, personal fulfillment, good health, a rewarding career and financial stability, all do not come by luck or do they come just through working hard.

There was a time where I deflected the thought of working on myself, why would I need to learn about that exactly? I was perfectly fine, no issues, no struggles, financially fine, working hard, living a decent life, but once I learned more about it, and had taken onboard things that started to benefit me even more, then I questioned why I would often ignore the online articles that would pop up occasionally, or the flyer in the mail box.


Once I started to embrace these new found set of principles, I found myself shutting out distractions, changing up previous habits, and becoming much more productive within myself, a level of productivity that I thought I had, I’d been wrong though. I started to feed my mind with positivity while cutting out negativity, things and people, I learned new life skills, all while continuing to build my future and lay out the path ahead of me. I felt in control but only once I’d understood what personal development was truly about. Other than feeling more productive, I was more happier and confident, my vision was clear and I started to get more out of my life.





I spent years writing 'In Harm's Way', on planes, in hotels, at home and even while on holidays, but it needed to be written over such a long period of time as it was important that I included things that I'd experienced from a young boy to present day. Following my military career, I went on to work with a number of A list celebrities as well as business executives, traveling to close to 100-countries keeping them safe. It's been thoroughly enjoyable and despite requests for stories and secrets, It's never been my intent to betray the trust that was shown in me by the people I was tasked with protecting. 'In Harm's Way' is the story of my life to date, and incorporates so many things that you can learn from where you'll feel motivated and inspired, that's what was important to me in writing it.


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