Glen Burton
Glen Burton


Glen works with teenagers and young adults to navigate life's challenges, setting out a clearly defined path

to success with their personal development.

As a Certified Professional Coach, Glen's programs can be customized to best suit the needs of any individual, from teenagers seeking career and life direction to young adults wanting to pursue their passion and purpose. You are the only person in your life who truly knows who you are, what you need, and where you want to go, Glen is the person to help you get there. His coaching and mentoring is focused on teenagers and young adults because he is regarded as an exceptional motivator, coach, and mentor, to the younger generation. Glen will guide you through the process of finding what your own personal best might be, it's your time to shine.


Glen's coaching and mentoring helps you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life, and his programs are based on the core elements of Glen's professional principles designed to help you attract what you want in life, both personally and professionally, navigating personal difficulties and struggles, and helping you to identify the necessary adjustments to ensure you are directing your focus for an always moving forward. This is the driving factor for you to engage your mind and your actions, through forward thinking, forward progress, and despite the challenges you face, you'll work with Glen to overcome them together.

Glen Burton

Young Adult Life Coaching
6-Week Program

Working with teenagers and young adults has been a focus of Glen's for a number of years, helping them to identify goals and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone. Adjusting to the chaos of life as a teenager or young adult can be challenging in todays world, and navigating the complexities of life itself can often be helped by working with someone who understands the pitfalls and struggles. Glen offers one-to-one mentoring and coaching to help overcome life challenges with a clearly defined path to success with your personal growth and development. 

Due to his knowledge, life experiences, and approach to helping others be the best that they can be, Glen uses his influence to teach and advise those who might be less experienced or younger. He uses his life experience which others can learn from, where you are able to Interact with him to gain proficiency in your life. By having Glen as your mentor, you'll experience a life changing benefits as you grow to be the best version of yourself. You'll be encouraged and guided, and needing to personal adjustments as you step out of your comfort zone.

Interactive Learning Retreat

Throughout the year Glen hosts a number of learning retreats that are designed to help teenagers and young adults step away from their current environment and immerse themselves into the unknown. They have the opportunity to engage with other's, they learn life skills to benefit them, they build confidence, and participate in learning and leadership development activities where they grow and flourish. The retreats are held throughout the country and are focused on embracing the outdoors through interactive adventures where personal skills are developed. 

Young Adult Mentoring
12-Week Program

Glen Burton

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated one-to-one life coaching.

  • 60-minute sessions available.

  • Life alignment and goal orientation.

  • Confidence building and overcoming self-doubt.

  • An engaging and direct approach.

  • Experienced teenage and young adult life coach.

  • Full accessibility outside of coaching sessions.

Glen Burton

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced self esteem and self confidence.

  • Improved behavior and attitude to life.

  • Increased self awareness.

  • Developing effective communication skills.

  • Learn to become a leader of yourself.

  • Build a platform for new and different ideas.

  • Ability to have a mentor as a life guide.

Glen Burton

Key Benefits

  • An opportunity to engage and learn with others.

  • Build confidence and improve your social skills.

  • Learn key life skills and embrace change.

  • Building healthy relationships with strangers.

  • Embrace adventurous activities and tasks.

  • Gain knowledge from veterans and life mentors.

  • Reduce and increase self productivity.