Glen Burton
Glen Burton


Effective leadership lessons from some of the world's most prominent figures in the military and private sector, using unique methods to help you or your team achieve mission success.

For a good leader to succeed, one must be prepared to make decisions that have a positive impact on his or herself, and, if need be, a team or company. Some seek leadership positions in their career, while others can find themselves thrust into positions of authority unexpectedly, and for some, they learn that they are unprepared for the level of leadership they are asked to perform. Glen works with individuals and teams to align their leadership methods and skills through a unique approach having learned from some of the most prominent leaders both in the military and private sector. From one-one programs to workshops and leadership retreats, you'll take onboard key learning that will improve your leadership regardless of the setting you work. 

Glen has worked with people across the globe in the business sector, including corporate executives, high net worth families and members of foreign royalty; he has been fortunate enough to have learned something about leadership from each of them. He has sat in on some of the world’s biggest corporate meetings and events and learned so many different approaches to leadership especially from the top executives of some of the largest companies in the world. Each executive he has worked with has adopted a different approach, but it’s those different approaches that have enabled Glen to fine-tune leadership skills that work for him, and which benefit those he works with across the globe in his capacity as a motivational speaker, life coach, and mentor.

Glen Burton

Leadership is an art so it's important to continuously enhance your development to benefit yourself and the people you lead.  The approach that Glen takes is direct but informative, and regardless of your current leadership approach, you'll learn skills that will help you to gain respect while adopting new methods through a combination of military and corporate experiences that Glen has gained from many years working around the world.


Whether you're an individual looking to become more knowledgeable or a team of managers hoping to take on new skills, Glen will work with you to bring new methods that will help you as leaders. When you participate in the Leadership Alignment Program at DEVGROUPFIVE, you'll be immersed in a dynamic and interactive environment that will enable you to step out of your comfort zone, because that's what being a respected and effective leader is all about.

Leadership development may be important to you as an individual or to your company, this is why Glen focuses on identifying and working with potential leaders.You will build skills to inspire and shift from individual contributor to leader, while being immersed in high pressure situations that give you new skills that you may not have previously learned or implemented. As a potential leader, you'll learn all about how to be effective for yourself and those under you.

Glen's company host a number of dynamic and exciting leadership retreats that are designed to take you out of your comfort zone where you learn to excel in the art of leadership. The retreats give individuals and team members an opportunity to grow as leaders, where they can get away and focus on being the best that they can be. You'll participate in a number of dynamic activities where you are propelled into situations that will help you as a leader.