Leading from the front - Lessons learned from the battlefield to the boardroom.

For a good leader to succeed, they must be prepared to make decisions that have a positive impact on his or herself, and, if need be, a team or company. Some seek leadership positions in their career, while others can find themselves thrust into positions of authority unexpectedly, and for some, they learn that they are unprepared for the level of leadership they are asked to perform.

Leadership for me has been an important part of my personal development for many years but what I’ve learned to be key is that you must become an effective leader for yourself before you expect to lead others. If you are unable to make good decisions for yourself, decisions which are beneficial to your life and have a positive impact on what you’re doing and where you’re going, then you cannot expect to make effective decisions for those who look to you for leadership.

As a leader, you might spend a lot of time focusing on internal company factors — processes, people, targets, goals, and growth of the company. You may be constantly trying to shape and influence these factors to bring you and your team closer to your goals and objectives. But how often as an individual and a leader do you spend time focusing on you? By focusing on you and developing strong personal leadership traits for yourself, you will become more productive, knowledgeable, and focused. Work on spending more time on growing yourself and less time focusing on any external factors. By making yourself a priority and aligning your values and strengths with your passion and purpose, you’ll start to get the best out of yourself and those who are working under you.