The importance of having an aligned focus for you to keep winning.

Updated: May 31

What are you aiming for? A target or nothing at all? Just like in battle, we must align our sights onto the target, we aim, shoot, and our targets will be hit. That’s the goal in the military, but it’s a similar comparison in our lives where we set our targets and align our sights and focus on the objective.

A target down in the military corresponds with a target achieved in our lives. Sometimes the target is missed, so we need to concentrate on our aim, focus on our sight alignment, and keep punching forward to achieve mission success. To achieve that effectively, we may need to make some adjustments, in the military that might be factoring in wind and distance which may affect our shot, while in our personal lives it may be a case of adjusting our circle or our way of life and thinking.

If you know anything about military personnel, then you’ll know that their day normally begins at the crack of dawn. The value of time is greatly respected in military life, and they practice punctuality like it’s a personal ritual. Don’t get me wrong, I know plenty who could often be an exception to the rule, I was sometimes one of them, but that punctuality was drilled into us and at some point, it settles. Punctuality brings us discipline which in turn contributes to mental strength, and mental strength enables us to have a clearly defined focus.

How many times have you been late for something, and it’s knocked you off step, where you’ve felt flustered, stressed, and your focus has dropped? It happens to all of us. Some people in fact are obsessed about punctuality, but you don’t need to go that far, you just need to make it a part of your daily routine. Reaching your goals requires focus and a clear vision of what you want out of life. Focus and clarity on what it is you want to become, achieve, and leave behind when you are gone, play such an important role in our personal fulfillment. Once you get your goals and your focus aligned, then amazing things can happen to you and in your life.

You may have experienced these valuable benefits, through an unwavering focus that you’ve found within yourself, while others may struggle to find that focus due to their personal distractions. There are stresses and emotions that you may often be exposed to, there are worries and fears that might unintentionally make you lose focus with your personal wellbeing and life goals. Life itself can bring testing times upon all of us, but you must always maintain your focus to allow yourself to get through the problem, because it is that focus combined with your strength of mind, that is going to help you get there.

Take some time away from your distractions, just a few minutes in a quiet place and think about something that you’ve achieved in your life.

It will almost always have come about because you were completely focused on the result, and you did not allow any distractions to get in the way of your goal. Distractions can do that to you, knock you off the road you are traveling down, you see the destination, but you’ve allowed yourself to take a detour, but do you find the road again? Sometimes it’s hard to regain the focus that you had, but you can get it back through a willingness to realign your focus and approach.

Many of us have so much going on that it impacts our focus, while there are others who struggle to determine what it is they can focus on, but if we prioritize our day to day lives then it can become so much clearer. A lot of people use social media, some in fact are infatuated with it, and although I think it can have its good points, there are a lot of negatives with it too. You can be distracted far too easily, and it can take up too much time in your life, this is time that can be channeled in other areas, into a place that is so much more beneficial and rewarding for you as an individual with your personal development.

Maybe you have lots of different ideas but struggle to narrow down your focus on that one thing that you want to pursue. Maybe you want to pursue everything at once and you’re not getting anywhere, that’s because you aren’t allowing yourself to focus on one objective. Treat each goal that you have as a mission, you need to focus on that one mission before you can align your sights onto the next one. Believe me, I’ve been down this road, and it takes up so much time and energy, so rather than focusing on multiple things at once which can become distracting and non-productive, prioritize things.

If your goal is to become financially secure and you’re out buying new things all the time, heading off on holiday, or socializing regularly with friends, then you’re not focused on your goal of financial security. You’re very much living in the present, enjoying nice things in the moment, but play the long game and see how it might look for you. If you tell others that you want to move away and then sit thinking of how life might look without doing anything about it, then you’re not focused on your goal. You may not even have a goal really, so that’s where you need to begin before you can align your focus and move forward.

You’ve got to work for things, you’ve got to initiate the change, you’ve got to set goals and you’ve got to have the focus to keep you on track to go after everything that you want. On day one of my Army basic training, my sole focus was on day three hundred, the last day of training, but to get there I had to set so many goals and achieve so many wins, those small wins that meant so much. If I hadn’t had the focus to get there, deflecting the distractions going on around me, then I wouldn’t have achieved my goal and grown along the way.

When I became a professional soldier and deployed on operations, I had to make sure that my focus was aligned on the threats, the environment, and the mission we were working to, my colleagues and I all had the same mindset, and we were focused on getting the job done. That was in my military days, but I brought that same level of aligned focus into my private sector career. Working in the close protection field for the past twenty-years, my focus had to be well and truly aligned because so much was at stake, namely reputations, and lives. Each time I was with a principle, whether in a domestic city or lands far away on business travel, my focus was aligned to ensure they were always kept safe.

When it came to creating and establishing Development Group Five, I developed a routine at home that enabled me to align and then maintain my focus. When I wasn’t traveling and was spending time at home, I’d always be productive through an aligned focus that helped me to continue moving forward, whether it be in my personal development, writing an article or a book, or something else that I had a passion for. Make no mistake, our focus is imperative to our success.

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