What are you aiming for? A target or nothing at all? Just like in battle, we must align our sights onto the target, we aim, shoot, and our targets will be hit. That’s the goal in the military, but it’s a similar comparison in our lives where we set our targets and align our sights and focus on the objective. A target down in the military corresponds with a target achieved in our lives. Sometimes the target is missed, so we need to concentrate on our aim, focus on our sight alignment, and keep punching forward to achieve mission success. To achieve that effectively, we may need to make some adjustments, in the military that might be factoring in wind and distance which may affect our shot, while in our personal lives it may be a case of adjusting our circle or our way of life and thinking.

If you know anything about military personnel, then you’ll know that their day normally begins at the crack of dawn. The value of time is greatly respected in military life, and they practice punctuality like it’s a personal ritual. Don’t get me wrong, I know plenty who could often be an exception to the rule, I was sometimes one of them, but that punctuality was drilled into us and at some point, it settles. Punctuality brings us discipline which in turn contributes to mental strength, and mental strength enables us to have a clearly defined focus. How many times have you been late for something, and it’s knocked you off step, where you’ve felt flustered, stressed, and your focus has dropped? It happens to all of us. Some people in fact are obsessed about punctuality, but you don’t need to go that far, you just need to make it a part of your daily routine.


Reaching your goals requires focus and a clear vision of what you want out of life, and as a Life Coach, I know full well that focus and clarity on what it is you want to become, achieve, and leave behind when you are gone, play such an important role in our personal fulfillment. Once you get your goals and your focus aligned, then amazing things can happen to you and in your life. You may have experienced these valuable benefits, through an unwavering focus that you’ve found within yourself, while others may struggle to find that focus due to their personal distractions. There are stresses and emotions that you may often be exposed to, there are worries and fears that might unintentionally make you lose focus with your personal wellbeing and life goals. Life itself can bring testing times upon all of us, but you must always maintain your focus to allow yourself to get through the problem, because it is that focus combined with your strength of mind, that is going to help you get there.

The Fortitude Warrior

Over the past 30-years, I've worked with and traveled the globe with prominent military leaders as well as notable executives who have founded or led some of the world's biggest companies. During my military career, I worked with General Sir Michael Rose, one of the most highly regarded British Army Officer's, in his capacity as Head of the United Nations Military Protection Force in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Working with him daily provided me with a great insight into learning leadership, and I used my time with him to take onboard as much as I possibly could, especially difficult given the environment we were in, the risks we faced, and the atrocities that we witnessed.


When I left the military and moved into the private sector, I worked with influencers such as Bill Gates, in his capacity as Founder and Chairman of Microsoft. Alongside him, I traveled with Steve Balmer, who was Chief Executive Officer at Microsoft. I worked with others too, one of the Founders of Google, Larry Page, the CEO, now former, of eBay, as well as the top Executives of one of the biggest technology companies in the world, traveling thousands of miles each month to support them over many enjoyable years. I've also spent a significant amount of time alongside members of international Royalty, learning about how they think and lead from the front.

It’s been a career that has taken me to almost 100-countries, often traveling in a car with those I was working for or flying with them to lands far away as they carried out their business. My job was to keep them safe, to protect them from harm as well as ensuring their reputations weren’t impacted, it’s a job that I've loved every minute of and one that I’m proud to have done. Although my core focus has been on protecting them, I learned that all had one thing in common, and that was ‘Fortitude’ — strength of mind, and with that, these influential leaders knew how to tap into the power of their minds and make it work for them in everything they do.

The Fortitude Warrior