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Glen Burton is a Coach, Speaker and Leader. He is the founder of the team building and leadership development company 'SIXDARK', and is a Certified Professional Coach. 

It was on a remote white beach on the island of Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory in The Caribbean, that I knew I was on the right path with my personal development. I’d had no training or mentoring as a young boy on life skills and career advancement, and despite being a British soldier from the age of sixteen through twenty-six, I’d solely focused on being exactly that, a soldier. But, here I was helping Larry Page, one of the Founders of Google, unfurl his kite board for some ocean adventure, an activity he was highly skilled in. I’d jokingly asked if he’d done this before, however, I learned from his wife Lucy that he was somewhat of an expert at this dynamic water sport. He grinned before saying something that resonated with me — “Never accept anyone telling you that you can't do something“.


I could tell by his eyes as he glanced over at me that there was something more meaningful with his words, something far deeper than he was prepared to talk about with me. “Never accept anyone telling you that you can't do something”. I never accepted it as a young boy or throughout my military career, but here in Anguilla, at thirty-six years old, it meant more, especially coming from someone as intelligent and successful as Larry Page, a man with a net worth of approximately $77 billion US dollars and having founded one of the worlds biggest and most prominent companies in Silicon Valley and the world.


I watched from the shoreline as he flung himself around on his kite board, navigating himself in sync with the wind and waves, I could tell that he had a passion for it. If something happened to him and he was hurt or in danger however, I’d be scrambling out on one of the jet skis to get him. Watching him zipping around brought to light the importance of not getting carried away with the highs and not being down about the lows, this was a simple example as he stayed on his feet, he looked like a serious boarder. He fell often, he couldn’t catch the wind, but he never packed up and went back to his luxury suite, he kept going, remained focused, while each and every time that low came he would keep working hard until he found the high. Just like in our everyday lives, it’s all about balance.


From The Battlefield to the Boardroom.

Having served in an elite military unit on operations around the world for 10-years, I was fortunate to work with likeminded people who joined me in giving our all to achieve our mission. This was essential not only because of the threats we faced daily, but also because we were working in highly pressurized environments where decision making mattered, teamwork was required, confidence was essential, and stepping out of our comfort zone was needed. Each of us had to be disciplined not just some of the time, but all of the time as we kept pushing forward.  


Following my military career, I spent 25-years protecting some of the most influential people in the world, Fortune 100 CEO's, members of International Royalty, Diplomatic Leaders, as well as some of the most notable entertainment figures today. I was accused, wrongly I might add, by some in the international media of kidnapping a baby from Africa for a celebrity. I’ve been shot at multiple times, had a bounty put on my head in Iraq, lost good friends, and managed one of the most notable private sector rescue missions during a major international terrorist attack.


The experiences I've gained and the lessons I've learned over these two dynamic careers on operations and in the private sector, have enabled me to bring key skills and life disciplines I learned to help you be the best that you can be to achieve mission success. Despite the difficulties I've encountered, the challenges I've faced or the environments I've been immersed in, it was important that I maintained a forward thinking, forward progress attitude to pursue life goals and be the very best version of myself. This has been an essential part of my development. 


Helping young adults learn key life skills for success through impactful talks, life coaching, and leadership programs.

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