Relied upon in over 120-countries for ground, security and concierge services.

Having the ability to call upon a 24/7 dedicated level of support is key for the international traveler. That is why Glen Burton is relied upon by his valued clients, providing a discreet level of support that is efficient and proven.

Glen Burton delivers discreet support services designed to complement your travel experience by adding value to your way of life and mitigating risk when you travel. His impeccable service delivery ensures you can relax when you travel personally or professionally, no matter your planned destination. With vast experience across the globe working with families, executives and companies, Glen is committed to ensuring you have a safe travel experience, allowing you to remain productive while enjoying complete peace of mind.


Over the past 20-years, Glen has dedicated himself to supporting those who rely on him with their international travel needs, and has successfully managed unique requests in over 120-countries for corporate executives, high net worth families, members of international Royalty, as well as high profile entertainment personnel, ensuring safe and hassle free travel that is designed to complement your trip so that you can focus on your personal or business matters. Glen Burton is known as a valuable and trusted resource due to his approach, experience, cultural knowledge and trusted network of reliable partners to deliver a safe and smooth travel experience for you.

A Unique & Effective Approach


Glen's approach to creating wonderful experiences for you starts with assessing your needs and the locations you plan to visit with a unique and detailed approach. He reviews all areas including transportation, accommodation, restaurants, medical locations as well as any security and safety issues that you should be aware of before you leave on your trip.


We work with you to plan all elements of the trip and set up any special requests that you have to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit, one that will bring lasting memories for you. By the time you leave on your journey, you will receive everything in a professional format and have complete peace of mind with all of your questions answered and concerns covered.


At all times, before and during your trip and no matter the time zone, Glen and his team are available 24/7 for you to contact with any personal requirements during your travels.

We provide you with tailored solutions that help make your travel easier and hassle free, whether it be your ground transportation, a security need, or a personal concierge booking.

Global Reach

Glen Burton is viewed as the quiet professional due to the manner in which he works, while the footprint of his services lets everyone know that quality is his signature.

Glen Burton

Glen Burton is an offshore resource with global capabilities, providing you with a high level but discreet approach to your global travel needs. 

Our trio of Global Services will ease your travel pains, saving you time and hassle while providing you with complete confidence and reassurance on your journey.



Through diligent and thoughtful planning, Glen Burton puts safety and security at the forefront of your ground arrangements so that you’ll feel comfortable from the moment you place your request with us. We have arranged and managed hundreds of ground movements globally through a reputable international luxury transportation provider, with all systems and processes in place to support you.


Whether you are traveling on business or with your family on holiday, you may wish to have a travel security plan or have the reassurance of a discreet level of personal security accompany you on your travels. We can arrange low profile but highly efficient support through our trusted suppliers, ensuring a discreet blanket of safety and security when you travel to familiar or unfamiliar destinations.


Uniquely, we have vast experience with handling concierge requests around the world for our clients. Whether you are looking for a dining recommendation or reservation, seeking a luxury hotel in a city you may be unfamiliar with, would like to source a tour guide or something else, Glen Burton will arrange and manage this for you on your behalf so that you have more time with less hassle to deal with.

Glen Burton



Do you have a trip that you're thinking about taking? Are you planning travel and have concerns about your safety due to security or Covid-19 issues? Reach out for a no obligation chat with the team at Glen Burton and address any questions that you might have at this time.